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An oil spill of up
to 1 500 000 litres

could be released from the
Franken shipwreck to the Gdańsk Bay

AND cause an
ecological disaster!  

Do not let the Gdańsk Bay
become a dead zone!

The Gdańsk Bay
is in danger!

Stop the oil spill!

The Franken tanker wreck is the biggest identifed wreck in the Gdańsk Bay. Due to progressive corrosion, it is highly probable that the wreck will break in two parts in the nearest future, and in consequence up to 1 500 000 litres of  oil, stored in its tanks will be released to the environment.

The Franken shipwreck is located near several marine Natura 2000 sites, nature reserves and colonies of the protected grey seal. An oil spill in this area could cause an enormous ecological disaster covering the entire Gdańsk Bay.

We appeal to undertake
actions aimed at preventing
an ecological disaster!

We appeal to protect the wreck and prevent the oil spill!

We appeal to save the Gdańsk Bay!

According to the Act on the marine areas of the Republic of Poland and maritime administration (Journal of Laws 2017, item 2205), the Gdańsk Bay (in the part, where the Franken wreck is located) belongs to the internal waters, which are under the jurisdiction of the Maritime Office in Gdynia and are part of the territory of the Republic of Poland. Therefore, the Polish administration is responsible for protecting and maintaining good environmental status of the Bay, which can be critically threatened in the nearest future by an uncontrolled spill of oil from the T/S Franken tanker (the position of the wreck according to the Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy is as follows: φ= 54° 32’ 19.452” N, λ=18° 57’ 57,024” E).

The wreck of the T/S Franken tanker The tanker Franken is the largest identified wreck in the Gdańsk Bay and is considered to be a potential threat to the marine environment, according to the wreck classification made by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). Basing on the analysis of historical documents, it can be assumed with certainty that at the moment of sinking, the ship carried approximately 2.700 tonnes of fuel and approximately 300 of fuel for its own use. These amounts are well documented. The survey made on the wreck in April 2018 indicated that approx. 40% of tanks are sealed. They may contain up tp 1.200 tonnes of fuel, i.e. 1.5 million litres.



The MARE Foundation was established in 2015 to protect marine ecosystems, promote sustainable exploitation of the coastal and  marine resources, to rise public awareness in environmental matters as well as help people affected by ecological disasters. 

As part of its activities, the Foundation is carrying several projects on sustainable fisheries, marine litter (including ghost nets and plastics) as well as other topics related to marine environment, education and raising of public awareness.  

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Reduction of the negative impact of oil spills from the Franken shipwreck” is financed by the Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation

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